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At Digital Marketing Atlanta, we offer a wide range of services to help businesses in reaching out to new customers. Our complete suite of services include everything from SEO to SMO, PPC, Branding and much more. We believe in understanding a client’s requirements and offering solutions that are pertinent to their needs.

Our team has extensive experience in the online business arena and we have worked with major players in the field of web based as well as brick and mortar businesses in the the past.

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Company History

Digital Marketing, Atlanta was established to offer services that cover a wide range of areas in the online business arena. Through the years, we have remained true to our values of providing timely and professional services to clients who are looking for high quality offerings in a timely and organized manner. Our team encompasses experienced technical professionals who have spent years in the business field and worked with major corporations and national as well as international brand names. Our aim to do work that is tailored to the exact needs of our clients.

October 2016

We worked with a major international client to design and develop a social media campaign for their upcoming product that will be launched in January 2017. We also expanded our operations area by hiring new teams of web designers and social media executives.

June 2016

We worked with clients in varying areas related to new social media channels and helped several clients with online marketing efforts that ranged from YouTube videos to technical blogs related to their fields. We also started a training facility for SEM executives.

December 2015

Through August, we worked to develop and launch a series of websites for our clients offering services in the local areas. Our team worked hard to deliver solutions to challenges offered by local SEO and marketing in a small area. Needless to say, we came through those challenges and helped our client with a stellar launch of their new range of services.

July 2015

July saw our firm taking on new challenges in form of online branding services for an up and coming luxury brand that was preparing for a worldwide launch. We assisted with everything, from building a website to setting up a blog and creating social media profiles as well as managing social media channels by creating engaging content.

November 2014

As a result of changes in Google’s search engine algorithms, we found many new clients who were looking to regain their rankings. Our team worked from the ground up and used innovative strategies and methods to create and publish content and improve website design to help clients get back to their earlier rankings and in many cases even surpass their previous pagerank.

January 2014

Our team took on a variety of SEO projects from popular brands in the industry and helped them in improving their search engine rankings. We used white hat SEO strategies to incorporate long term results for our clients that included manufacturing as well as sales industries among others.

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