Google Begins The Rollout of Its Mobile First Index. Should You Be Concerned?


As what might come as a wake-up call for online business owners and webmasters, Google has finally begun the rollout of its mobile first index for search engine results. For now, Google is still in the testing phase and there is no clear timeline of when the mobile first index will be applicable for a large number of online business websites.

While industry experts didn’t expect the rollout to happen until next year, the internal testing done by Google seems to have expedited Google’s decision to go ahead with rolling out the mobile first index. According to a recent blog post by Google, “Our search index will continue to be a single index of websites and apps, our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site.”

Mobile First Index – How It Can Impact Your Business Website?
As more and more people search for products and services from their mobile devices, Google is putting a greater emphasis on mobile device based search traffic. As Google starts adding more websites to the mobile first index, the websites with similar mobile versions as their desktop counterparts will be given an even higher preference by Google. While the initial rollout is slow, business owners that catch in on the trend will have the first mover advantage to gain the benefits from mobile first index.

How Can Webmasters Prepare Their Website for Mobile First Index?
Through the rollout, Google will also communicate to the webmasters if their websites are near eligible but not completely so and the kind of changes they need to make. Webmasters also need to keep in mind that the content on their website needs to be mobile friendly so that it can rank well in the searches that are performed from a mobile device. Along with the content, webmasters also need to ensure the links, themes; schema, multimedia and more are also same on both websites.

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